Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Put Upon Is Illusory - figment of YOUR imagination

There is no such thing as someone manipulating you into or backing you into a corner, thus "causing" you to fell "Put Upon"

My 77 year old mother used to use that phrase "put upon", I had to look it up:


If you are put-upon, you are treated badly by someone who takes advantage of your willingness to help them.

From what I've gathered, Put Upon was derived from the Latin imposui meant "put upon", and that meaning carried over into English in impose.

If you've agreed to do X, for a person, and that person has baited you.. which is to say, led you to believe X is all they were asking.. but NOW they're expecting X PLUS Y and hinting that you "owe them" Z as well...

that person has just crossed a boundary

they are, in essence, no longer "someone you agreed to help".. they've just crossed into "Predator"

you're now "Off The Hook"

they no longer have any "entitlement" to "guilt you"

they were the one's who "broke the agreement"

IF YOU INSIST ON FEELING PUT UPON.. after knowing all this.. it's on YOU

the feeling of being "put upon" is a SELF INFLICTED WOUND

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