Monday, September 19, 2016

Manipulation Only Bothers Weak People?

You can't be manipulated, if you feel you're often being manipulated, you're not gonna want to hear that.

The fact is... you cannot be manipulated without being manipulatABLE.

And that is a self inflicted wound.

The only people who are concerned about boundaries are people who keep getting pushed around, think about it.. .if you're a bully ( and you might be even if you don't see yourself as being a bully ) you successfully navigate the ups and downs of your life by this maxim:

The Best Defense is a Good Offence

From the bullies perspective, it's a

  • dog eat dog world
  • eat or be eaten
  • screw them before they screw you
If those are your word view then it would seem normal, to you, that

having a manipulative skill set would be something useful or even necessary

From your perspective, being a bully is a good thing
it is not, but you can't see that from where you are