Friday, August 29, 2008

What's wrong with Reason & Rationality?

Reason and Rationality are severely limited.

Your ego percieves receives and broadcasts on a level or plane that is analogous to AM radio.

Your intuitive mind perceives, receives and broadcasts on FM radio.

Your ego is good at what it does… but it digitizes everything it perceives.

It also is terrified of NOW, it is genetically incapable of understanding the present moment as it really is… it can not ‘feel’ the differences between the ‘fullness’ and ‘richness’ of FM, after all AM plays identical tunes- Your ego protests:

all the notes, all the melodies, all the lyrics are there… what static? (Am radio)

Your ego has no FM; it does not perceive reality on that level, only an antiseptic digitized reality.

In this post I will lay out the basic premises of this site:

We have an ego, but for most of us, our ego has us.

Our ego is, for all practical purposes (an N.L.P. premise btw), the voice we hear in the back of our head.

We are, in reality (a term which is VERY relative), much more than an ego… or ego is virtually incapable of understanding this fact, and will have much resistance to this concept.

Our ego can be said to be a function of our left brain, our intuitive brain can be said to be a function of our right brain (this is a gross over simplification but our ego is very limited in it’s ability to grasp abstract concepts)

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