Monday, August 25, 2008

Psychological Reversal, boring title, important concept

Simply put: Psychological Reversal is where you want X, and your insides want Y.

of course this is an oversimplification but that’s it in a nut shell.

Now here’s the kicker: the part of you that wants Y, he’s a LOT bigger than you are.

Now this is gonna sound like the movie, “Cybil”, like we have multiple personalities… but it’s
generally accepted that we have a subconscious, and that we have both analytical, logical left brains and intuitive, non rational right brains.

This is like a piece of machinery’s governor, some trucks have governors that prevent them from accelerating past 63 mph.

Most of us are totally unaware of this internal Governor, Tony Robbins called it an internal thermostat.

In his model, when we get in need of something, when we want something, when a situation comes up that’s unacceptable to us, the thermostat kicks in… we have energy available to heat things up…
what’s not obvious is that it also works in reverse!

Once you exceed your internal self image’s limit…

The thermostat kicks in again… and cools things down.
we F*** up, screw up, are late for an important appointment, all of a sudden anything and everything that could cause us to lose focus, is mysteriously more important…
fancy that

In my blog I spoke of boundaries, that once you fix your boundaries you fix everything…
that’s true

sort of

What happened with me, is that once I achieved a critical mass of healthier choices, once my boundaries were so functional that I no longer had to devote massive quantities of energy to combat dysfunctional urges…
once it became effortless and automatic…

I f***ed up.

Unconsciously, on purpose

and embarrassingly so.

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