Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Victim Based Behavior Woven Into Fabric of Your Being

So you think you've got problems?

Codependents cling to their victim behavior as if it was an old friend
.. if you suddenly were not a victim anymore, if the fates suddenly stopped conspiring against you.

... you no longer had an external force to blame for your less than fortunate circumstances.

Codependents who "get better", more often than not unconsciously "Miss" their victim role, as if it was a long lost friend who you were so comfortable with you can't imagine living in a world without "Him" or "It"

It's not possible to be codependent without being someone who prefers to be a victim.
Codependents arrange their lives so something outside of them, some circumstance that appears to be beyond their control is preventing them from being functional.

I'm saying, not only do you like it that way, if you "got better", you'd Crave to go back to where it was someone or something else's "fault".

If you want to end this pattern, I'm saying you need to change internally, change your perception, change your attitude.

In our culture, attitude is looked down on as if it was a red headed step child, an also ran, it's not given anywhere near the credit it's due. Western ideas have frowned upon the subjective and worships the scientific process.

Attitude can alter, effect, improve, cause stuff to change way, way, WAY beyond what most of us are willing to assign a value to.

The little girl in this story has a positive attitude that could make the the economy rebound.

Watch this incredible story and adjust your attitude to a fraction of hers and I'm of the opinion what ever is dragging you down (what ever the circumstances) will "get better"

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